2019 Our 75th Year
2019 Our 75th Year
Welcome to the 1962 Spartans’ Class Website.

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The 75th Birthday Party 
Photos are available.

 News and Information Updates: March, 2020

It's sad to report that we have lost another classmate.
Bob Leslie died ebruary 27

We Have Lost Touch with 12 More Classmates!
Do You have Any Information

Steve Franzich updated his profile
Mark Gaertner updated his profile

Carol Norton updated her profile
Kip Koentopp updated his profile

Recent Classmate Losses:
Bob Leslie died February 27, 2021
Bob Stone died March 13, 2020
Dick Mouritsen died April 10, 2014
Donna Layoux Rosca died January 14, 2019
Nancy Strandmark Ellers died January 1, 2019
Rick Kienzle died August 27, 2018
Dick Gunderderson died Fall 2018
Sue Bublitz died Sptember 9th, 2018
Monte Mahowald died October 21,2018
Jim Mills
passed away this last Fall
Dianne Preuse (Latterell) died January 21, 2019
Donald Keim died August 5, 2017
(Many thanks to his wife Sue for letting us know)

Coach Bob Collison died Thursday May 10th at age 92
He has left a legacy with former students and atheletes that will always be remembered.

Link to His Obituary

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55th Reunion PHOTOS

Thanks to Roger Tadsen, we have a lot of fun photos of classmates and even some spouses who bravely attended.

Check out the 55th Reunion Photo Album to view the pictures

 75th Birthday Party Planners
  • Roger Tadsen 
  • Jenny Frederickson (Adams)
  • Karen Jensen
  • Jeff Hagman
  • Karen Farrell (Jackson) Webmaster & E-mail Contact (richfield1962@gmail.com)
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