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Trywell Nyirongo, our foreign exchange student from Africa has sent Christmas Greetings to all of his Classmates. Here's his message:
It is almost 59 years ago when I was the only African Student in the midst of a totally White American population community in Richfield High.Where I toiled to get education to bring me to a medical doctor level whwre I am now and then come back home to offer medical services to my much needed community of Nchenachena in their health care services
All this was possible because of your loving care school community and with loving friends wherever I went in Richfield community area . It was your loving spirit that made me to be at home wherever I went. This is a very Special Life that the Richfield community had for me and still have for me. I never felt lonely or homesick because of your caring spirit to me in the community.
It is this loving spirit that you had and still have for me. Thus this why after well over 59 years I have felt and still feel it is well and proper to send you dear friends IN cHRISTNAME (; A MERRY CHRISTMAS GREETINGS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR -2021 ) . It is your Classmate;s loving spirit that has brought me where I am now as a serving medical my needy Nchenachena community.where there was no medical facility within walking distance for the people. People had to walk 15 to 20 miles for their nearest medical care.
Thus I say God Almighty is great to have been with you dear friends, ( Classmates at RHS) to encourage me reach this goal in my life time.As I now offer medical services to the needy people in my Nchenachena community.
May The Lord Almighty continue to bless you and keep you all dear friends in good health as you prepare for "MERRY CHRISTMAS an HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021"
Please remember me in prayers and deed as I continue to serve the needy people in their health care needs We put everything in GOD,S Hands for our Kasambala Medical Center needs.
To you all dear friends in Richfield and surrounding areas I say have A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR and put us in prayers.
With Much Love and GOD,S BLESSINGS I remain IN His Name JESUS CHRIST THE LORD OUR SAVIOUR-----------AMEN!!
Dr. Trywell Nyirongo.
"It's like deja vu all over again."

Enjoy a an informational and historical  review of some of the cultural and news events happening in the year we were born.

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The Cars We Drove or Wished We Could Have  Driven

Alright you young whipper-snappers, click the link below to see how you do.

CAR SHOW QUIZ - 1950's

The average score is 73%  

This will really rattle the cobwebs in the 'ol brain.