Check Out the 55th Reunion Photos. 

May thanks to Roger Tadsen who took the pictures!

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Check out the photos of our football players reunion with Coach Collison.
September 5th 1961 The Front Page Welcome to Our Senior Year

Spartan SpotLite Articles from Our SR Year

Here's a journey down Memory Lane. Browse these articles from every issue published from September 1961 to May 1962. There's Spartan Spotlights and Sportlights and news about plays, concerts, sports, activities, and many of our classmates.

Special thanks to Larry Skoglund these.
Cheryl Zeidler & Jean Etter


Check out those old memory boxes that your mother finally said you had to take when she was down-sizing. You might find a treasure or two.
Bob Barsness '62  Russ Schuveiller '60

RHS '62 50th Reunion Photos

Enjoy these pictures taken by classmates at the 50th Reunion events September 21st - 23rd.

J Hare, R Martignacco, L Grandprey, Jim Carlson, Jan Carlson, C Johnson, N Kerling, B Collison, J Howells, H Hanson, D J

Friday Night with Our Teachers

 The Friday Night Gathering was attended by 15 of our former teachers. They looked great, and we were all amazed at how well they rememberred us.
Dick Stanley Created Our Welcome Sign

Friday Night's Informal Gathering

The Richfield VFW provided the perfect casual environment for the first reunion event.
Joyce Lund Swedean and Dick Swedean Arrive at Minnesota Valley for the 50th

The Saturday Night Party

Saturday night at the Minnesota Valley Country Club was the "Main Event" of the reunion. Nearly 200 graduates and guests gathered to socialize, share memories and renew friendships.
Team Members: Jim Mitchell, Mark Gaertner, Steve Saunders, Mike Casey, Coach Collison, Ed Byhre, Russ Eliason, Rick Henk

1961 Lake Conference Football Champs

The class members who played football on our 1961 championship team reunited with Coach Bob Collison.
The Senior Prom Dance Card


Dig out those old photos; the ones your dad or mom took before the event or the faded "professional" shot in front of that old white door at the Lemington.

Program Cover: 'The Skin of Our Teeth'


 Take a look at these to trigger memories of sports events, programs, proms, plays, and other activities that took place during our highschool years.