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Bruce Kleven
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Retired Married
62-64 U of M
64-68 USAF, MinutemanII targeting, Grand     Forks ND
68-78 Control Data Military Div, Navy weapons
1976 Married Elizabeth Ann Holman from White Bear
78-99 Motorola Semiconductor sales consulting
1999 Retired, snow bird to FL in winter
02 Triple bypass surgery
02-present moved to Del Webb,
Summerfiedl FL, on golf course with pool.
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Kip Koentopp
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Retired Married 2
2018 Update.

Following graduation from RHS, our family moved to the Northwest suburbs of Chicago where I attended Amundson Jr College and played baseball for the college. In 1964 I transferred to Fort Hays University in Hays, Kansas.

In 1965, I joined the US Navy, attended Navy A School in Memphis and served on the USS Kity Hawk aircraft carrier with a fighter squadron for three tours of duty during the Viet Nam conflict.

At Hays, I met Anne High. We were married in July 1966 and will celebrate 52 years of marriage this summer.We have two sons. Chris, his wife Heidi and their three children live in San Antonio. Tim, his wife Nan and their son Cael are in here in Bozeman.

After leaving the Navy in 1969, I spent a few years working for a power company, but my main career has been in sales. I've been a factory sales representative for Champion Home Builders, Skyline Homes, and Wick Building Systems, and a retail sales rep for a John Deere dealership.

We have lived in San Diego,  Kansas, Idaho and finally to Belgrade MT where we've been since 1984. Belgrade is 9 miles west of Bozeman and north of Yellowstone National Park.

We have been involved in the community over the years, I coached baseball for many years and Anne has served on the City Council for 28 years. 

I retired in 2009 and look forward to seeing more new sights around the world. I enjoy hunting , fishing, and winter sports. By the way, I'm still an AVID Minnesota sports fan.

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Terry Kurschner
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May 24, 1944 Children's Desiring God Ministries Married 2
Barbara Lund (Gabler)
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April 14, 1944 Interior Designer Married 1
50 years - where in the universe did they go?! 
Family:   My husband, Bill, a St Paul native and recently retired Executive VP and Director of the Public Finance Division at Wells Fargo, who left his home town to live in Minneapolis. Our son, Andrew, 23, a recent graduate of the Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising in LA and currently job hunting. And, our grand dog, a miniature Italian greyhound named Gucci. 
Career: I graduated from the U of M in Interior Design; worked at architecture and design firms in commercial and residential design until 1992 when I started my own firm, Barbara Gabler Planning and Design; and plan to continue working until??
Interests:   Exercise indoors and outdoors; nearly anything related to design; entertaining; and spending time with our wonderful extended families and friends. We also have a house in Lutsen MN on the North Shore of Lake Superior where we enjoy these things.
Significant Life Events: The adoption of our son; and our marriage of 41 years.
Accomplishments: Serving on the national board and as president of Northern Chapter of The Institute of Business Designers; creating well designed environments to help people have more productive and enjoyable lives; and surviving parenthood - the most challenging job of all!
Lessons: Each person has their own challenges to face in life and you just have to keep trying.
Value your work, good health; and treasure family connections and lasting friendships.
Richfield/RHS Memories: It was a simpler time and place where we were shielded from the wider world and, speaking personally, largely unaware of the sacrifices and contributions made by our parents, the Greatest Generation, who proceeded us and provided us with the opportunity to have a strong educational foundation. 
Many thanks to the Reunion Committee for all of your time and hard work!

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Joyce Lund (Swedean)
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September 08, 1944 Semi-Retired Married 3
I am serving on the planning committee for the 50th RHS Class Reunion and I am looking forward to seeing you all in September.  In December 2010 I began working as a PT receptionist in the Eagan office of Edina Realty.  Prior to that I was working FT at Mt. Calvary Lutheran School as the Extended Day coordinator and Administrative Assistant.  I am involved in alot of volunteer work through church and community.  Two of my largest volunteer opportunities are serving as the archivist for the MNSO District of the LCMS and serving on the Advisory Board for the Eagan 55+Seniors Organization. Dick and I have been married 31 years.   We are the very proud grandparents of Jake, sophmore at the U of M; Kyle and David are Juniors in High School and Rachel is an 8th grader.   Send Joyce a MessageSend Joyce a Message
Dianne Lutes
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February 20, 1945 retired elementary teacher Single

After graduation I attended the University of Minnesota with the plan of becoming a Spanish teacher at the elementary level. By the time I finished there were very few elementary jobs available, so I took a junior/senior high job in northern Wisconsin. I decided that I really wanted to work with elementary age kids so I went to summer school and night school at UW Superior to complete my regular elementary certification. In 1971 I ended up in Mauston, Wisconsin where there was a job, and I am still here! In 1981 I completed my Master's Degree at UW LaCrosse. After a total of 40 years of teaching, mostly to third graders, I retired in 2007.

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Paul Magnusson
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May 27, 1944 Retired University President Married 2
We made it! Congratulations to us all. Odds are I won't be able to join you, but I'll give it my best effort.

I have to confess right up front, without shame or coercion, knowing full well this is a capital offence in some Minneapolis suburbs--I don't golf. On the other hand, and this is just coincidental, I read the New York Times and belong to the ALCU, Sierra Club, and Amnesty International. I'm glad I got that off my chest.

I graduated from St. Olaf with majors in English and speech. Best memory: five of my classmates and I marched from Selma to Montgomery in '65. I didn't see Dr. King until he gave a speech on the capital steps.

I briefly taught high school Engish and coached debate at Edina and the U of M's laboratory high school. While teaching at the U, I earned a PhD in Rhetoric and Public Address with a minor in speech education, and then moved to the University of Wisconsin where I taught in the English department and School of Education. My interest in a career as a rhetorician quickly waned, so I completed another PhD, this time in English Linguistics and English education.

I accepted a professorship at Reed College in Portland, Oregon where I taught English. In just three days of interviewing, I fell in love with the Northwest--magnificent mountains, a wild ocean coast, and deep green forests everywhere. Friends tell me I insisted I would stay only three years. That was in 1974. After short stints back in Minneapolis, and in New Hampshire and Seattle, I've been here (greater Portland) ever since.

After Reed I was dean of the graduate school at Lewis and Clark College for several years, then VP of two universities. From '91 to '96 I was president of The Oregon College of Art. A fun job. I took classes in every department with equal success. Yes indeed.

I moved back to Minneapolis as Sr. VP of Fairview and president of The Fairview Foundation. I really came back because my mom was declining in the mid '90s, and I wanted to spend time with her--and I needed a job.

I chose Fairview, and it chose me, because we believed my leadership skills would transfer to healthcare, which they did. But the for-profit executive culture wasn't a great fit. Intellectual conversation had no currency, nor did Birkenstocks.

A well-developed interest in the paleolithic Middle East drew me back to the U, and I completed a PhD in Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology.

On balance, the four years were well spent. It meant a lot to my mother, and me.

In 2000 I retired in Seattle, but it didn't take. In 2002 I became exec of The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, the Jewish equivalent of United Way. I forgot to mention earlier that I officially joined my mother's Jewish tribe in the late '70s.

In 2006 I retired again, but six months later I was asked to serve as president of the University of New Hampshire for 18 months while the Board and university community firgured out what kind of school they wanted to be. It was a good way to end my career, though I still teach intro to archaeology and comparative religion on occasion.

I'm married to Pam, a one-time horticulturist and landscape designer, now a consultant to rich women who can't pick out their own clothers.

We have two daughters, one Pam's, one mine, hers a medical assistant here in Vancouver, mine a former professor of political science at Columbia, now a full-time mommy of infant twins in Connecticut. Both of the girls have children now, and each new photo and Scype call makes us very happy.

We have three grandchildren now. The eldest, Jake, lives in our mother-in-law apartment while he attends college, displacing our three perpetually cheerful dogs who now share the second bedroom. I really want a ferret. but Pam tells me I'll have a fundemental choice to make should I pursue this.

Life is good. I/we have never been happier. 


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Carolyn Manthey (Kuczynski)
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April 13, 1944 Retired Widowed
Two years after graduation, I married Don Gilbertsen(class of "61)  We moved to Boston, then Washington, D.C., then back to Minneapolis, then Mankato and settled into Bloomington in 1968.  We have 3 terrific kids.  We divorced in '72, moved to Los Angeles and remarried later that year.  I worked for Fireman's Fund Ins. Company, first in Human Resources and later as a commercial liability underwriter.  Don and I divorced again in '76. (there's a whole story to ask about).  Fireman's Fund transferred me to their home office in San Francisco in '79 where I met and married Ron Kuczynski.  He has 5 kids by his first wife so it was "Eight is Enough!"  Shortly after the wedding, Ron was transferred to Chicago where we lived and worked for the next 10 years.  In 1990, Ron took early retirement and we finally moved back to California in the Sacramento area.  We had a lovely home on 2.5 acres in the country.  I continued to work while my hubby dove into his hobby of gardening, making our home full of beautiful gardens.

In '99 I left corporate life and the insurance industry and went to work as an office manager for my financial advisor.  Great job, great boss and I learned so much over the next 12 years.  Finally retired, for good, last August.

Ron passed away after a 3-year battle with cancer in 2010.  We had been married 30 years and have 17  grandchildren from our mob of 8 kids.  I moved to Sun City Lincoln Hills, just 10 miles from our home in the rurals.  I love my new home, neighbors, and all the activities available here.  My twin sister, Marilyn Nutton, moved here when my husband was ill and now lives only 4 blocks from me.  She, sadly, lost her husband last July.  So we are now  a couple of Merry Widows.

I like antiques, travel, reading, movies, gardening, bridge and family.

50 years has wrought some changes.  My hair is gray and much too thin.  Due to my osteoporosis, I am 3 inches shorter than my usual 5' 6" and look like I need a booster seat whenever I sit down and my extra weight has settled in my middle.  Ugh!Aging is not for the faint of heart!

Now that you can recognize me, see you in September!
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Marilyn Manthey (Nutton)
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April 13, 1944 Sales Represenative Widowed

Marilyn is Deceased

I have two sons from my first marriage and one ten year old grandson.  We called Camarillo, CA. home for over 30 years.

I sold residential real estate, off and on, for many years in Southern Calif.  I really loved it.  I also invested in a few rental properties over the years, which supplemented my income  over the long haul.

In 1973, I became a pharmaceutical representative for a large company out of Ohio.  My territory was along the coastline of Southern and Central California.  I was the first female representative in this territory. 

I sold electronics, (printed circuit boards), for ten years throughout Southern & Central CA in the 80's.

I tried my hand at my own small business – a rental referral service in the early 90's.  Being in an office was not my cup of tea.  I retired shortly thereafter.

My interests include travel, antique collectibles, playing bridge, interior decorating, and entertaining friends in our home.  I have also enjoyed buying and selling online, making personalized greeting cards, photography and scrapbooking.

Met the love of my life late in life – Bill Nutton! Our friends call us “Nut-N-Honey”, as Bill is a real comedian at heart.  Although I was headed for retirement within weeks of meeting him,  to Prescott, AZ, where I had already purchased a home, I had to readjust my thinking. 
Bill was still involved with his own Company.  He was a distributor for the Wynn Oil Co. and planned to work another few years.  So, we married and moved to the Central Coast, not far from Pismo Beach.  We lived there for ten years.

We traveled extensively in the coming years.  We especially loved Cancun, Cayman Islands, Panama Canal and Alaska. 

In 2009, we moved to Sun City Lincoln Hills, a large retirement community near Sacramento,  The weather has four seasons but none of that white stuff that falls from the sky.  Check it out at

Do you remember an old teen idol named Frankie Avalon???  He’ll be entertaining us in person in our out door ampitheatre this August 2012.

Sadly, I lost my husband suddenly to stomach cancer, just this past year.  I’m still adjusting to the shock of it all happening so rapidly and unexpectedly.

I regret that I ‘m unable to make it to the reunion!  I hope to hear all about it from my sister, Carolyn, who will be there.  I will miss seeing all of you in person.  Have a grand time!


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Barb McFarland (Bertelson)
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Retired Married 3
Following high school, I attended the U of M, graduating with a BS and majoring in Foods and Nuitrition. Following my career path as a nuitritionist with Swedish Hospital, I was a stay at home mom for 3 kids for several years, then working part time for Jerry's Foods, retiring last year. Darrell and I have been married going on 44 years, enjoy spending time with family, time together and travel.

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