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In Viet Nam
Commissioned in 1966 as a 2nd Lt. in the United States Marine Corps. Served as an artillery officer in VN on the DMZ in 1968. Retired from the reserves after 15 years of service as a Major. Have...
Last Post: Sep 18th 2012
Author: marinebb
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Correction of return date from Viet Nam
Oops,in reviewing my comments I realized that I wrote the wrong return date from Viet Nam. I returned from Viet Nam in February, 1967 and not in February, 1968. Perhaps this oversight is from...
Last Post: Sep 2nd 2012
Author: McLaughlin1
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Bob Jacobson's Worst Day
The following memory of a conversation was shared by Jan Pearson:

I knew Bob Jacobson pretty well for about 5 yrs before he died (we were in the same club); he was one great guy. One...
Last Post: Aug 19th 2012
Author: Webmaster
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Deceased Classmates who Served
Research and Memorials have helped us find the following information about classmates who served in Vietnam.

Robert E. Jacobson, SP4 U.S. Army, had served in Vietnam; Bill Quinn, AN...
Last Post: Aug 13th 2012
Author: Webmaster
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Were You in Vietnam
I served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam era. I enlisted November 1965 and was discharged November 1969. I made three deployments to the Tonkin Gulf aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Kitty...
Last Post: Aug 5th 2012
Author: MontanaKip
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Were you in Vietnam
Went there as part of a Navy Patrol Squadron. This would have been 1967-68. Half of the time on Yankee Station, the other half off the souther coast of Vietnam. Our squadron lost two...
Last Post: Jul 10th 2012
Author: lburda
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Were you in Vietnam
I enlisted in the Navy in Feburary of 1963. My ship was the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Independence. In May of 1965 the Independence had the only all jet attack wing in the Navy. It also had the only...
Last Post: Jun 30th 2012
Author: garyanderson1
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Were you in Viet Nam
Yes. After a total of two days of jungle training in Fort Leonard Wood, I was shipped to Viet Nam in January,1966 as part of the initial build up. I was assigned to a transportation company in...
Last Post: Jun 24th 2012
Author: McLaughlin1
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Were You in Vietnam?
Yes. Served from 13Mar68 to 6Mar69 as a helicopter pilot for the 119th AHC,52nd CAB,1st AV BRG. See category above "Let Us Know If You Were In the Military."

52ndCAB Commander LTC...
Last Post: Jun 23rd 2012
Author: weave1
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