After high school or college, many of our classmates served in the military.

I've had several e-mails and notes with memories, memorials and requests for information about connecting with other veterans. Here's some MESSAGE BOARDS that I hope will start a dialogue about thoughts, memories, historical information, service or perspecitive on that decade after we graduated.
An Etching Taken from 'The Wall'
An Etching Taken from "The Wall"

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Let Us Know if You Were in the Military
Which Branch? Where were you stationed? Would you share a brief Service Resume?
Last Post: Sep 17th 2012
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Were You in Viet Nam?
Our Viet Nam vets would particularly like to know which of their classmates shared that experience.
Last Post: Sep 18th 2012
# of Topics: 9
Memories of Denny Brown
Denny was the only one who didn't make it home. His loss is a poignant memory for all of us.
Last Post: Jun 24th 2012
# of Topics: 1
Historical Notes and Perspectives
Share old news items or other information.
Last Post: Sep 2nd 2012
# of Topics: 3